Russian goods seize Georgian goods and dispose of them.

In response to the anti-Russian speeches in Georgia and the actual disruption of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy through the fault of Tbilisi, the Russian government approved a series of urgent retaliatory measures.


According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On the economic and political reaction to the events in Georgia from June 19-22, 2019”, within the framework of sanctions, consumer supervision authorities were instructed to remove Georgian products from Russian trade networks and dispose of them properly. Thus, it is believed in Moscow, Georgia, an «unequivocal signal» will be sent. At the same time, restrictions on further purchases of goods from a Caucasian country will not be imposed — they are considered “excessive measures”.

Representatives of Russian trade networks have already come out against such measures, who reminded that they themselves would have incurred losses, and not Georgia, but they were not supported by the Federation Council and the government apparatus — they were reminded of the need to have “at least basic patriotic feelings” threatened unscheduled checks. Compensation to business, according to the resolution, will not be paid.

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