PSCs were allowed to demand a criminal record in the recruitment of employees

Private security companies in Russia were allowed to require a criminal record when they were hired. The corresponding law was adopted in the final reading of the State Duma.

The explanatory note to the bill states that the practice of recruitment of ex-convicts into the private security premises positively influences the situation on the labor market and helps the social adaptation of convicts.

“For security companies, this in turn allows for an increase in the overall level of training and quality of work performed — by recruiting citizens who have passed this kind of school of life, the private security company receives additional guarantees of the professionalism of their employees,” the authors explain the bill.

The deputies believe that the right of the employer to demand a certificate of criminal record does not lead to discrimination of employees, because now the country already has similar requirements — in particular, when admitting to the police, it is still necessary to complete military service.

The draft law provides for a form of a certificate, which will be issued by the FPSIN at the place of registration of a citizen and which will indicate how many years he spent in prison and in what mode of detention. Employers, in turn, will be granted the right to demand from the applicant a prison experience of not more than 5 years in colonies-settlements or colonies of general regime and not more than 2 years in colonies of high security.


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