Overhaul Fund recognized as a foreign agent affiliated with Israel

The Ministry of Justice reported that with the adoption of laws on NGOs and foreign agents, there was a need for an advanced software product to keep a register of non-profit organizations acting as a foreign agent.


The program should independently in the information base of the Ministry of Justice and other departments find organizations that are considered to be foreign agents and generate reports according to the criteria. The application was developed by the Kursk Scientific Research Institute of High Technologies and transferred to the Ministry.

“After a week of work, artificial intelligence formed a register of organizations suitable for the definition of“ foreign agent ”. This list included the Russian Capital Repair Fund, and the presence of Israeli assets left no doubt about the affiliation of the fund. ” Whether it was a program crash or artificial intelligence revealed something that many closed their eyes to is unknown. We will continue the investigation and keep the public up to date with the events, ”the Ministry of Justice said.

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