Inventor of «Miramistin» was Mendeleev

The unexpected discovery became known to the public following the results of the next meeting of the RAS. Among the writings of the author of the periodic law of chemical elements, Dmitri Mendeleev, a chemical formula was found, the existence of which was previously unknown.


A group of chemists led by Academician Roman Sineglazov recreated the formula from the records in the laboratory. Scientists concluded that 99.7% of the mixture resembled in chemical composition the formula of the popular antimicrobial drug Miramistin.

The next step will be repeated pharmacological examination. If the preliminary conclusions are confirmed, the cousin great-granddaughter of Mendeleev, a Canadian citizen Larisa Grover, who owns the rights to all the intellectual property of a famous scientist (except for that which is scientific property), can replenish her fortune by 170 million rubles, and also can put the formula on sale.

The notebook itself with notes, on the pages of which the formula was found, has already been handed over to the rightful owner. Over the past day, several dozens of messages from medical universities of Russia were sent to her personal mail with a request to borrow a book for research and making copies.

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