In the Duma they propose introducing a discount on CTP for motorists with a large number of icons in the cabin

A draft law is being prepared in the State Duma, according to which a part of Russian motorists will be able to get a discount on the CTP insurance policy. To do this, the vehicle must be located in a prominent place on less than 5 Orthodox icons.


“Why does the car under the protection of God have some kind of insurance? It is clear that a car with icons inside can not get into an accident. I offered my colleagues to completely cancel OSAGO for motorists with a large number of icons in the cabin, but the insurers lobby will not allow this. Let’s start with large discounts, but we’ll see, ”said the initiative’s author, Vitaly Milonov.

The exact parameters of the bill are still unknown, but the deputy announced a discount of at least 10-20% on the insurance policy. It will be available to drivers who submitted a certificate from the temple that they actually purchased icons for the car. Icons purchased in other places to obtain a discount on OSAGO will not be credited.


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