European court forces Adidas to make color stripes on the logo

The European Court of General Jurisdiction found the Adidas trademark registered in the form of equidistant white and black bands to be intolerant.


European experts from the Amsterdam Center for Tolerance and human rights activists saw in the image a number of moral and ethical violations.

“A trademark in this form cannot be made public. Not only are there more black stripes than whites, but they are also not colored, Adidas products do not take into account the needs of multicultural ethnic groups and the LGBT community. If we allow such a logo to enter the market, then in the future we can provoke genocide. We have indicated our wishes to the company, and we look forward to the speedy fulfillment of our requirements, ”said Joseph Pink, a spokesman for the European Court of Justice.

Adidas noted that they produce limited quantities of clothing and shoes with multi-colored stripes. In general, the manufacturer is not going to change its logo.

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