The director of the legendary film «The Avengers», Joss Whedon, set about shooting the film «Final Decision: Operation Liberty on a Third World War with Russia.» According to the preliminary script of the tape, which published the publication, the action will take place in 2022. Russian dictator Vlad Lyubomirov […]

In response to the anti-Russian speeches in Georgia and the actual disruption of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy through the fault of Tbilisi, the Russian government approved a series of urgent retaliatory measures. According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On the economic and political reaction to the […]

The unexpected discovery became known to the public following the results of the next meeting of the RAS. Among the writings of the author of the periodic law of chemical elements, Dmitri Mendeleev, a chemical formula was found, the existence of which was previously unknown. A group of chemists led […]

Июнь 2019
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