Trump company began construction of a luxury hotel in the Rostov region

Far Shores Construction, owned by the son of US President Donald Trump Jr., bought a 22-hectare site on the Sea of ​​Azov in the Rostov Region for the construction of a luxury hotel complex. Trump Azov Palace will become the largest and most expensive hotel in the former USSR. 420 million dollars will be spent on its construction.

The hotel complex will include three 20-story residential buildings, five swimming pools, a beach, a golf course, an airport for private jets and a casino. 4 kilometers from the main complex, a palace will be built for the family of the US president. According to the creators, Trump Azov Plaza will be the resting place for the management of Russian oil and gas companies, deputies, hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church and officials. For the construction of buildings will be cut down 6 hectares of relict forest, the wood of which will be used to decorate the interior of the hotel.

“We all care about the events in Washington: impeachment is being prepared against our father, and it’s useful to have a backup airfield. Rostov-on-Don is the most beautiful city in Russia, and almost all European leaders have property there in case they have to urgently leave their post. We hope that the Democrats will not be able to implement their plan, but we are preparing for different scenarios, ”said Donald Trump Jr.

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