The third line of the Novosibirsk metro will be named in honor of Stalin

In a referendum, residents of Novosibirsk chose the name for the third line of the city metro, which will be commissioned in 2022. The first two branches — Leninsky and Dzerzhinsky — will be supplemented by Stalin, which will connect Marx Square with Magadan Avenue.

Among the alternatives, names such as Trotskaya, Gorbachevskaya, Novodvorskaya and Susaninskaya were considered. As a result, the name of Joseph Stalin won by a wide margin, gaining 52% of the votes of citizens, while the turnout for the referendum was 61%. The head of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Novosibirsk region, Boris Yezhov, told reporters how the construction of the metro is underway.

“In other areas, prisoners live at the expense of taxpayers and do not bring any benefit. In Novosibirsk, everything is different: they hard work atone for their sin before society. The advantages of the work of prisoners are obvious: it is cheap, prisoners do not need weekends and social security, they can work in three shifts. Thanks to this, construction is progressing at a rapid pace, and all 10 stations are planned to be completed by the birthday of Joseph Vissarionovich in 2022, ”said Yezhov.

A pre-investigation check is currently underway for citizens who voted for other variations of the name.

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