The Duma proposed to legislatively limit the life of Russians to 75 years

People’s representatives believe that due to the fact that only in the last eight months of 2019, the average life expectancy in Russia increased to 73.6 years, and by 2030 it will “exceed” 80 — this will create an unprecedented burden on the budget.

“Today we live in a difficult time for the country. We believe that the government needs to concentrate on foreign policy of rapprochement with the friendly countries of Africa and Asia and increasing the state’s defense capability. This requires tremendous funds that we spend on paying pensions and maintaining the standard of living of citizens who have already lived their own. Therefore, we propose to limit the life of a citizen of the Russian Federation and introduce compulsory euthanasia for people who have reached the age limit of 75 years or, as an alternative, a written refusal of such a person to pay social benefits, ”said deputy Vasily Startsev.

Also, according to parliamentarians, the measure will help solve the problem of the resettlement of orphans, mothers with many children and people with disabilities. They can be settled in apartments freed from the voluntarily departed elderly.

It is noted that the law will not apply to top officials of the state, civil servants, military, police, judges, cultural workers and people who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of the country.

The bill has already been supported by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the Union of Funeral Organizations and Crematoria (SPOK). It is planned that it will be possible to sign up «on the last journey» through the State Service portal and undergo the euthanasia procedure for free in any medical institution in the country.

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