Merkel threatened to rebuild the Berlin Wall in the event of the imposition of US sanctions against Nord Stream 2

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned US senators that if Congress imposed sanctions on the country because of the construction of Nord Stream-2, Germany would consider harsh retaliatory measures, including restoring the Berlin Wall and granting independence to the German Democratic Republic.

“When the Americans asked us to tear down the Berlin Wall and balance the depressed regions of East Germany, we agreed. The condition for this was the protection and patronage of the overseas partner. Now that the US has decided to threaten us with sanctions, what’s the point of feeding us all these Leipzig, Dresden and the poor neighborhoods of East Berlin? ”Merkel asked.

The words of the Federal Chancellor were supported by the leader of the movement for the restoration of the GDR, Ralph Schmulke. The politician called the actions of the United States “the kiss of Judah” and promised to deport all migrants from the GDR to Texas and Alabama. Schmulke also said that thousands of volunteers from his party are ready to build a wall in Berlin for 14 hours for free.

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