To ensure equal opportunities in areas with clean water, salt and organic matter will be added to the water supply.

The Ministry of Ecology and Biological Resources proposed to stabilize the quality of tap water in the regions of the country in order to correct the imbalance in favor of certain regions. Earlier, departmental experts noted that a noticeable difference in water quality had a negative effect on the health of citizens, and also contributed to the migration of population flows, as a result of which some regions were overpopulated and others were sparsely populated.


To compensate, and in the future and eliminate this process, the ministries proposed to introduce standards for the standardization of maximum quality of tap water. Now the limits will be limited not only by the minimum quality indicators, but also by the maximum. Thus, if the water transparency exceeds the average, at the water purification stations a small amount of alumina will be added to it, and if the hardness, say, or the content of phosphates does not reach the average, the corresponding salts will be added. Tolerance — 30%.

Innovation starts in the Leningrad region and the Republic of Karelia.


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