Swedish schoolchildren fighting for the environment were allowed not to attend school

The Swedish Ministry of Education issued a document authorizing school students who are environmental activists not to attend school. At the same time, officials emphasize that anyone can get this status, and it does not require documentary confirmation.\


Greta Thunberg was the pioneer of the environmental movement of schoolchildren in the country, refusing to go to school to get the government to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Instead, she went to the protests at the parliament. Greta was supported by thousands of people. After that, the schoolgirl was invited to speak at the UN conference on climate change.

A week after that, several thousand students expressed a desire to skip classes to solve environmental problems. They notified the school administration, but were refused. Appeals to the Ministry of Education also had no effect. The fate of environmental schoolchildren was decided by the Supreme Court of Sweden, which decided to equate the rights of all students in the country. After that, appropriate adjustments to the document were made in the educational department.

The document implies a written notification to the school about the student’s desire to fight for environmental improvement. After that, he will be instantly relieved of his studies. A report on the time spent outside the walls of an educational institution is not required.

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