Rasta rapper Snoop Dogg spoke in support of the St. Petersburg deputy Maxim Reznik

Known for his reverent attitude towards light drugs, musician and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg issued a statement in support of a St. Petersburg politician accused of marijuana. According to the rapper, the use of cannabinoids does not harm, but rather benefits the body and makes the mind cleaner.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

“A politician advocating the legalization of marijuana in Russia deserves my full support. The Kremlin must immediately release it from arrest and legalize weed. As soon as these requirements are met, I intend to meet with Max Reznik to discuss further actions and possibly to record a joint composition, ”said the producer.

We asked Vitaly Milonov, another St. Petersburg politician, for comments on this topic, but he refused to respond to the request, explaining this by observing the Post.

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