Over a thousand school performances took place in the US asking Trump to begin bombing Iran

American schools massively supported the likely bombing of Iran and called on the administration of President Donald Trump not to delay the decision. In total, over a thousand educational institutions organized special performances in the country, and CNN TV channel held an eight-hour marathon, demonstrating the best of them live.


The action was called «For peace in the Middle East and the safety of the people of Israel.» In the costumed performances, pupils played scenes in which an aggressive Iranian regime as an adult hooligan in a turban with a nuclear truncheon threatens Israel, depicted by a defenseless schoolgirl, but then the school principal comes in as Uncle Sam and “knocks out all shit”. In some cases, students in the role of Iran were seriously injured and were hospitalized. Then the Iranian students, as a rule, took the stage and thanked the States in the framework of the idea of ​​“liberating their people” or repenting for the behavior of official Tehran.

The main leitmotif of the submissions was the phrase «Bomb aggressive regime today or he will lift his head tomorrow.» The students urged the Trump administration not to hesitate with the decision to bomb the Islamic Republic and put 100 large-scale mock-ups of the B-52 planes with patriotic inscriptions, which on Friday would be brought to the White House lawn.

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