Macron complained that he could not get on the direct line with Putin

French President Emmanuel Macron could not reach the direct line with Vladimir Putin. This was stated by the French leader himself.


“I sent Vladimir a video message on a straight line, and I think it will not surprise anyone, but I asked him for Russian citizenship, but this never went on the air. Today I was still trying to call the studio, but they did not connect me to him, ”complained Macron.

Macron added that he sees injustice in the fact that German Chancellor Angela Merkel owns a summer cottage in the Bryansk region and claims the citizenship of the Russian Federation.

“I do not understand why this is so? I’m not asking for an apartment in the center of Moscow. I am satisfied with the registration next door to Gerard Depardieu in Saransk, a very beautiful city, by the way, ”explained Macron.

The direct line with the President of Russia took place on Thursday, July 20th. In December, the French leader flew to Rostov-on-Don, where he lived with a friend. According to Macron, he hoped to obtain Russian citizenship and purchase real estate near Moscow.

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