Have defaulter alimony seized 7 Sudak

On the morning of June 16, on the Oka River in the Serpukhov District of the Moscow Region, officers of the district fish protection and the State Small Boat Inspectorate (GIMS) held a joint preventive action against violators of the legislation on aquatic biological resources. According to a resident of Serpukhov, Denis R., who fished with spinning near an automobile bridge over the Oka River.


The GIMS officer checked his boat documents and shipowner’s rights. Then the inspectors found out that the violator is a malicious defaulter who has accumulated a debt in the amount of 163 thousand rubles. The fishery has banned him from further catching and seized the entire catch — according to a Serpukhov resident, in his cage by that time there were 7 pike perch weighing from half a kilo to 1.4 kg.

The State Duma will discuss in the fall the draft law on amendments to the Federal Law «On Amateur Fishing». This document establishes the right of citizens to freely and free of charge carry out recreational fishing on public water bodies (with the exception of water bodies provided for managing recreational fisheries). It is possible that after making amendments, during fishing you will need to have a certificate of the absence of debts.

In order to preserve aquatic bioresources, as well as to replenish budgets of all levels and increase the payment discipline of the population, the draft law provides for amendments to the Federal Law “On Amateur Fishing” concerning the restriction of amateur fishing for citizens with existing debts for collecting alimony, paying utility bills, paying administrative fines , repayment of credit loans from banking organizations, property damage and (or) moral damage caused by the crime, if the amount of debt exceeds 10 thousand rubles.

GIMS employees, as well as fish protection inspectors, will be empowered to require citizens to stop fishing in a pond if the angler does not present a certificate of absence of arrears (its form is currently being developed in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation).

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