Employees of the Korean Embassy in Moscow eat at the Kazan station

South Korean television channel TVN in the TV program “With the world on the thread” showed the story of the life of compatriots working at the embassy in Russia. The video shows the life of diplomats, their working day and beautiful views of the Russian capital. Among the interesting moments that were previously unknown to viewers, we should note the showing of the lunch break by the staff of the diplomatic establishment. Despite the very good salary and the presence of many restaurants in Moscow, Koreans prefer to satisfy their hunger in catering establishments at Kazan station.


According to the assurances of diplomats, belyashi, pies and one of their most favorite dishes — shawarma — remind them of their homeland.

“We ate in restaurants and cafes, including in prestigious establishments, but only after visiting Kazan Station and having tried belyashes here, we made the decision to have dinner exclusively here. The meat in the pies reminds me of the beloved dog that my mom cooks in Seoul. Cooks say they use pork or beef as a filling, but it is surprisingly similar to our favorite Korean tastes, ”says the head of the consular department, Seoul Ko Hin.

Subsequently, as stated in the telecast, the meal process for the diplomats was still simplified. Now the food from the Kazan station is delivered directly to the embassy.

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