Americans threatened to oust AvtoVAZ from their market for a dealership opened in Crimea

The US Treasury sharply responded to the opening of the AvtoVAZ dealership center in Simferopol. As a sanction, the economic department proposed to ban the supply of Russian cars to the American market. Such a measure, according to Minister Steve Mnuchin, will cause serious damage to the automaker.


“We are ready to take the most radical measures and completely remove the Lada from the American market. They make good and cheap cars, but they have violated our requirements in the Crimea and therefore the Americans will be forced to look for an alternative. I have already spoken to the senators, two of them have already sold Niva to Brighton Beach. The company must clearly understand what is more important: the Crimea or the main global car market, ”said Mnuchin.

The Ministry of Finance has already prepared a bill with restrictive measures against the auto giant and will submit it to Congress in July. In addition, the US government turned to the leadership of European countries with a proposal to join the sanctions against AvtoVAZ. Poland, Lithuania and Estonia have already announced the termination of the supply of their engines in Togliatti.

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