The pseudo-cat who ate the Decembrists was found in Barnaul

Experts warn — at present, the facts of adaptation of rare and dangerous creatures to the human environment, some of which penetrate our homes, have become more frequent. In these circumstances, mimicry under pets is especially dangerous. Recently, an individual of Cattus Manducat Homine Ramzanus has been identified in Barnaul. This species is very rare in wildlife and has been described by Old Believer monks and Decembrists who returned from exile.


The animal is a large cat of gray-black color with thick and long red vibrissae. The animal is not amenable to training, but having infiltrated people, it is able to eat a whole family or a small geological expedition. Currently, the individual lives in the Zaton area and is under the supervision of scientists.

“The pseudo-cat eats 5-6 kilograms of protein food per hour. Uses mainly insects, rats, stray dogs and lonely old women. There were no casualties among the human population at the moment, although local residents noted barely audible music with oriental motifs and inarticulate bass cries at night. Recently, a cat gave birth to a cub, whom we, due to morphological features, affectionately christened Shamil, ”explained the head of the research group Vasily Prokhodnoy.

The Barnaul Society for the Protection of Animals has already demanded that the cat be released, but only after adaptation and acclimatization to wild conditions.

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