The Ministry of Forestry will punish the authors of the fake ban on forest exports to China

The Ministry of Forestry assured Chinese partners of the early resumption of timber supplies from Russia to the Middle Kingdom. Thus, the department reacted to information appeared in individual media about a possible temporary cessation of timber exports to China. The messages excited Beijing, prompting the Chinese side to send an official appeal to the Ministry of Forestry with a demand to clarify the situation.


“The appearance of fakes about the ban or restriction of forest exports in the ministry is considered a diversion aimed at destabilizing close friendly relations between Russia and China. We have a contract, and we intend to fulfill it in full. We will definitely find and punish all the creators of false information about the termination of forest export to China, ”said Deputy Minister Nikolai Ordynov.

At the same time, the ministry explained that at present supplies have indeed been reduced due to ongoing forest fires in Siberia, which hindered logistics.

“Today it’s more difficult for technology to get to the places of cutting and loading. We’ll have to wait a couple of weeks when the problematic forests are burned out, and we will be able to restore the previous volumes again, ”concluded Ordynov.

Earlier, China demanded that Russia extinguish fires in Siberian forests more effectively.

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