Officials give WWII veteran a 100-year discount falconry training coupon

In the city of Ust-Petrovsk, Kemerovo Region, local officials presented a discount coupon for falconry training to veteran of World War II Mikhail Zabolotsky on his 100th birthday.


The coupon allows a pensioner who is 100 years old on August 12 to receive a 5% discount when buying three-month courses. The veteran was also presented with a color portrait of the mayor, a pocket calendar for 2020 and a set of chocolates with cognac. Local media were outraged because of an inappropriate gift, according to journalists, but the city hall assured that Zabolotsky would be pleased with him.

“I don’t see anything reprehensible in this act,” said Vice Mayor Alexei Kochnev. — “In other cities, gifts to veterans are simpler: buckwheat there, cereals, salt. But we gave Mikhail Petrovich a chance to save several thousand rubles and at the same time learn a truly exciting business. «I myself once participated in a falconry when I was still a businessman and went to negotiations with partners in the UAE, and believe me, these are amazing impressions.»

The veteran himself thanked officials for the gift and assured reporters that he did not consider it inappropriate.

“I am sure gentlemen officials acted well-meaningly. I’ll wait, maybe for the 150th anniversary they will give me another coupon. I really want to hunt, you know. And in order to be sure of the falconry, ”an elderly man pironionized and promised in return to give the mayor his photo and a discount card of a chain supermarket with 89 accumulated rubles.

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