Moscow State University experts urged to transport the collections of the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and the Kunstkamera to Moscow

The most valuable exhibits of the Hermitage and other St. Petersburg museums must be urgently evacuated to Moscow. This opinion was expressed at Moscow State University. According to the senior researcher Grigory Stepanyan, the reasons for the collections to move to the capital are swamp gases, the lack of full solar activity and the “grayness” of the northern capital.


“For several centuries now, Petersburgers have kept thousands of world masterpieces, just like an old percent-old woman. But we have proved that swamp gases, especially nitrogen, are very detrimental to paintings, sculptures and mummies. A similar situation is with solar activity — everything on Earth, as you know, needs the sun, but in St. Petersburg it actually is not. All this can lead to disastrous consequences, and we will lose our cultural wealth. In addition, Petersburg is an absolutely gray city, there is nothing to do with this beauty. Therefore, we offer to urgently transport all valuables to Moscow, ”said the researcher.

The initiative was supported by the famous military expert Yevgeny Vasiliev.

«Look at the map. Before the Hermitage, NATO aircraft fly 5 minutes, they can land troops or even bomb them. And in Moscow, a good air defense system, we will repel any attack. All the most valuable of St. Petersburg museums should be immediately delivered to the capital. If Petersburgers want to see something, they can get to Moscow by plane or high-speed train in a few hours, ”she said.

If the initiative finds support at the federal level, the New Petersburg museum complex will be located in Zaryadye Park. It is planned to place part of the exposition in the largest Moscow shopping complexes — this will make unique exhibits even more accessible for Muscovites and guests of the capital.

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