In Moscow, because of an invalid driver’s license, a time traveler was fined

Traffic police fined a suspicious citizen whose driver’s license was dated 2067. It turned out to be a 52-year-old time traveler from the future, who, he claims, accidentally ended up in modern Moscow after returning from a trip to the past, and exceeded the speed limit on a UAZ-452 car.


“I went to the past to help my distant ancestor, a Jewish painter, enroll in an art school in Austria, in which he so wanted to study. But, alas, instead of him they took some Austrian, who, well, did not become famous after all. I was able to agree with the selection committee, and he did, and it was time for me to return, but I accidentally ended up in Moscow, almost having time. I became interested, and I decided to ride a bit before returning home, ”Izyaslav Monuralovich told about his trip.

The traffic police said that they act strictly according to the instructions, and do not have the right not to recover a fine even from guests from the future and representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

“I don’t know how they have adopted it in the future, but we have traffic rules that everyone must honor. On the rights it says «valid from 23/03/2067» — be kind enough to tolerate until the age of 67. “Despite all his persuasions, I had to draw up a protocol, even despite the presence of a fire extinguisher and five OSAGO policies,” explained Lieutenant Gavriil Gyutenko.

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