A student from Somalia complains about racism because of a dormitory commandant’s words about a white back

A Somali student, Jeri Ambubi, who entered the Chelyabinsk Medical University, spoke about the incident of racism that happened to him when he entered a university dormitory. According to a guest from Africa, during a demonstration of his future place of residence, commandant Galina Efrosinieva expressed an intolerant attitude towards him and all representatives of the black race.


“In the beginning they talked to me very politely. An elderly woman, who is responsible for checking into the hostel, gave me the linen and went to show the room. The building, apparently, is new. In some corridors, windows, doors and stair railings are still painted. I was taken to my room and told to be careful not to get dirty. Already this phrase guarded me, but I thought that perhaps my Russian language is far from ideal. When I entered the room, I touched the wall and heard the next racist words that my back was white. This is completely unacceptable. My great state of Somalia pays to be taught how to cut people [Jerry expects to become a surgeon], and not to listen to racist attacks, ”the Somali wrote on his social media page.

Initially, the African wanted to take the documents from the university, but after he found out that he would have to pay the state material compensation for expulsion, he decided to try to continue his studies.

The university rejected the claims of a guest from Somalia and stated that he needed to tighten coordination and the Russian language.

“In Somalia, in general, the pirates of our sailors capture, and we teach their citizens medicine, albeit for money, but still. I would study Russian and Ural traditions in his place. I hope that he himself will realize this over time, ”rector Vasily Vorobyov commented on the incident.

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