With your own will not work: the ROC will spend 120 million on an electronic candle recognition system

The Synodal Department of Technology and Digitalization of the Moscow Patriarchate announced the signing of a contract for 120 million rubles, under which all the churches of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia will be equipped with a candle recognition system for where they were purchased.

recognition system
recognition system

Within the framework of the project, the departmental candle factories of the Moscow Patriarchate will be modernized and will incorporate RFID-chips with the identifier of the cult building-customer into their products. The temples, in turn, will be equipped with readers with LCD displays.

“Now we see this process quite simply — a person will stand out, maybe from volunteers, maybe from the Cossacks, who will follow the scanner’s responses. If you want to put a candle — go to a special checkpoint, spend next to the scanner, if it shows that the candle was bought in this temple or from adjacent, so to speak, enterprises, it means you are blessed, you can put it. If not — ask in the shop, we can and hold. Nobody goes to restaurants with his food. Here the principle is the same, ”explained the press service of the patriarchate.

Representatives of the church noted that the candle chiping will take place no earlier than by the end of the year, and therefore they asked the watchful parishioners to control that other members of religious events would use only certified candles purchased at the place where the ritual was held.

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