Trump was not allowed into the White House because of the lost ID

US President Donald Trump criticized the actions of the White House security service after the incident of June 17. The security guards refused to let the head of state inside due to the lack of his official ID. Trump spent 3.5 hours on the lawn in front of his residence until a temporary pass was made for him.


As explained by the press secretary of the White House, James Lewis, security officers acted in strict accordance with service instructions. The White House regulations prohibit persons in the building who do not have a service pass with them, with the exception of those citizens who have such a document prohibited by religion. According to Lewis, the US president has no reason to impose disciplinary sanctions on the guards, since they conscientiously performed their duty.

“You will see that America will lose the nuclear war with China, because these mutts (in the original — morons — editor’s note) will not let me go to the nuclear briefcase at the crucial moment. It would have been nice to send all these guards to guard Giuliani’s camera in Guantanamo! ”Wrote Trump.

To date, no information about the dismissal of the guards of the White House has been reported.

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