The Ministry of Health proposes to sell greens only if there is a certificate from a psychiatrist.

The Ministry of Health of Russia is preparing to update the recommendations on the issuance of medicines dispensed to citizens without a prescription. A number of medical drugs will be added to the lists approved for issuance only as prescribed by a doctor, and in order to obtain some, Russians will have to go through several instances and get appropriate approval.

The Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health

To obtain in a pharmacy a solution of verdure diamond, better known as brilliant green, will require visas of a psychiatrist, a narcologist and a district physician and a police inspector. At this step, the Ministry of Health prompted the recommendations of colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, whose reports recorded a record number of crimes with green. Political and public figures were poured over with a solution, they used a means for vandalism, littering the territory and harming the environment. After analyzing the data, the experts came to the conclusion that Zelenka is often sold to mentally unbalanced people without a prescription.

According to the mechanism proposed by the officials, citizens will have to justify the need to purchase their general practitioner, after which he will issue a referral for psychiatric and narcological examinations, with positive conclusions from doctors, citizens will go to the police station, where after talking with the inspector, they will be able to get permission for 3 years with the right of subsequent prolongation.

Also, the Ministry of Health will establish restrictions on the sale of a medical product in one hand, which will be 10 ml. per month. To control turnover, they will sell Zelenka only upon presentation of a passport by adult citizens of the Russian Federation.

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