Radio Liberty fired two journalists for failing to destroy Russia

Two journalists were fired from Radio Liberty for failing to fulfill the mission of the collapse of Russia. Information about this publishes portal Wikileaks. According to investigators, in 2014, correspondents of regional editions in Ufa and Yakutsk could not fully execute the contract with the clauses providing for the disintegration of the Russian Federation into several states.

Radio Liberty
Radio Liberty

According to the State Department, journalists were not sufficiently convincing in their materials, and one of them found numerous acts that did not meet the standards of a respected editorial board. One of them repeatedly rested in the Crimea, and the other sent his children to rest at Artek. As a result, the radio management decided to dismiss the guilty and deprive them of the honorary title of «liberal journalist» for life, which will restrict them in future employment.

Fill in the missing vacancies Radio Liberty counts with freelancers. Everyone will be able to have an interview at the media office in Prague or at any of the American consulates around the world.

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