Magadan TV Channel for two weeks in a row broadcast one news release.

For two weeks, the State Television and Radio Company Kolyma broadcast the same issue of evening news on June 4. It is noteworthy that most TV viewers did not notice the fact until it was discovered by retiree Yegor Rubenstein, who applied to the regional office of the Federal Service for the Supervision of Television and the Quality of Television Programs.

Magadan TV
Magadan TV

“In principle, I did not notice anything for a long time. Plots are usually similar to each other — they killed, condemned, accidents, a meeting of the regional government, a honey fair, a shoe fair, an exhibition of Belarusian goods. All this goes in the background, and in the end the weather. And here I look — on the 17th I am told the weather on the 4th. I turned to the appropriate service, it turned out that this issue was going on for two weeks, ”said the viewer.

The television company did not deny the fact that was inconvenient for them and said that they did not see anything wrong with what had happened, and from June 24 they promised to add new items to the news releases.

“There is a normal process. Summer. People are on vacation, so the news is appropriate. Frankly speaking, I see no reason for discontent — the materials are relevant. Fairs of honey and shoes go for three weeks, the same exhibition of Belarusian goods, and it is always useful to listen to the governor and deputies. Already on June 24, information issues will be updated — a circus will arrive in the city, and the sale of goods from Abkhazia will open in the sports palace. So, wait for the news, dear TV viewers, ”said Rustam Ivanov, general director of the TV company.

The state regulator, having studied in detail the complaint of the pensioner, came to the conclusion that the TV channel “Kolyma” does not violate legislation in the field of television and radio broadcasting. Sanctions against the media will not apply.

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