In Yekaterinburg, «Dodo Pizza» faces closure due to fast food during Lent.

In Yekaterinburg, the municipal diocesan commission for the protection of public morality and traditions sent a notification to the consumer supervision authorities about violations in two pizzerias of the Dodo Pizza chain regarding the content of meager ingredients in dishes during Lent.

Dodo Pizza
Dodo Pizza

According to the findings of the commission, during the four control raids on March 20, 29, April 12 and 15, pizza was dominant on the menu of the pizzeria. The required proportion of 50% of lenten dishes in the menu and at least 75% of lenten dishes in promotional materials produced during this period was not sustained. The Commission recommends closing pizzerias, given the «cynical nature of the violation.»

The pizzeria management reported that it consults with lawyers and will refrain from detailed comments until then, but one of the managers, on condition of anonymity, explained to the local media that the commission itself had violated the rules without notifying of the results of the raids on time.

“If there were any such raids at all, then we had to receive an order to eliminate the violation for the first time within a week, and then, also within 7 days, we already had a copy of the government notification about the violation. We did not receive either one or the other, and we will defend this position if necessary, ”he said.

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