In the archives of Moscow State University found a diploma of higher education of Mikhail Sholokhov

During the annual inspection of the archives of the Moscow State University, a graduate student of the educational institution Maxim Peshkov discovered a higher education diploma from 1937 in the name of Mikhail Alexandrovich Sholokhov. According to the document, the Nobel laureate in literature graduated from the mathematics department of the university.

Mikhail Sholokhov
Mikhail Sholokhov

“Rumors that Mikhail Alexandrovich studied at Moscow State University went for decades, but there was no exact information, and he, being a modest person, did not mention this. On the other hand, many hints of his perfect mastery of exact sciences are recorded in literary works belonging to his pen, including the famous «Silent Don.» Yes, think for yourself, to become a Nobel laureate without a higher education is almost impossible, well, only if you are Gorbachev, for example, ”said the graduate student.

At the moment, Sholokhov’s diploma has been sent for examination to establish authenticity and belonging to the Nobel laureate. If the preliminary data is confirmed, the document will be transferred to the collection of the State Museum-Reserve MA. Sholokhov, located in the village of Veshenskaya in the Rostov region.

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