FIDE obliges participating countries to hold championships with colored figures in support of LGBT and multiculturalism

The International Chess Federation (FIDE), led by the new president, American Richard Taygarth, has introduced new rules for national and international championships.


According to the document “On modernization, updating and ridding FIDE of prejudices motivated by hatred,” from now on all championships at the national and international level will be recouped with the help of multi-colored figures. Instead of the previous division into “white” and “black”, a new color scheme will emerge, consisting of black color as a sign of “respect and numerous apologies to black people” and of rainbow colors as a symbol of support for the LGBT community.

During the voting, the majority of the members of the FIDE Presidium supported the document. Of the four who voted “against”, two were excluded from the presidium by means of a special regulatory procedure, since they said that they were concerned about the presence in the new palette of chess pieces of all colors except white. Taigart noted that “such statements are peculiar to exclusively white Suprematists, who should be excluded from the spheres of public life, branded and overthrown irrevocably and uncompromisingly, for the sake of the future of humanity and interracial world.”

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