In Iceland, allowed to use force against Justin Bieber and his fans

The Ministry of the Interior of Iceland allowed citizens to “use physical force within reasonable limits” against popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber and his fans. The corresponding resolution is published on the website of the department.

As the law enforcement officers explained, after the performer shot a clip on the territory of the Fyadrarglufyur canyon, which caused significant environmental damage to a natural object, its fans began to have problems. They were subject to insults, bullying and even physical abuse. There were so many statements of victims that the police stopped their reception.

“Mr. Bieber must be clearly aware of the consequences of his work. For the most part, Icelanders are a patient people, but when it came to damage to the ecology of the country, many did not stand up and began to engage in battering. If we take and apply the norms of legislation in practice, then we will not have enough cameras to plant everyone. And will the police understand our society? Our state is small, everyone knows each other. I think in a couple of months the hatred towards Bieber will pass and his fans will again be able to walk quietly along the street and sing his songs, ”commented the situation on the head of the police, Hreydur Stogflardsson.

To stabilize the situation in the country, leading Icelandic TV channels and radio stations have removed Justin Bieber’s compositions from their airwaves.

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