Creativity Stas Mikhailov cures patients in Novosibirsk

A unique medical experiment continues on the basis of the trauma department in one of the clinical hospitals of Novosibirsk. For the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, doctors began to use musical compositions performed by Stas Mikhailov.

Stas Mikhailov
Stas Mikhailov

According to the director of the trauma department, Vasily Lomov, the unique possibilities for healing heavy patients who cannot move independently were suddenly discovered by a nurse who is a fan of a pop singer.

“Once Larisa, contrary to the instructions, brought music to the chamber and included Mikhailova for you, but she herself retired to the post. The patient, who had been in a coma for more than a week, woke up and turned off the player. Later we began to notice improvements in other patients as well, having heard Mikhailov, patients who were undergoing difficult diagnoses were getting up on their feet. Recovery began to happen much faster than before. The hospital is even considering inviting Stas to perform live in our walls. He is a welcome guest here, ”- said the head of the department.

Currently, doctors continue to study the phenomenon, because the artist’s work helps to improve treatment for men and does not affect patients.


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