Vladimir Churov was appointed head of the CEC of Kazakhstan

For the organization of the electoral system in Kazakhstan invited the famous Russian statesman Vladimir Churov. He will become the first head of the CEC of the Asian state. He was tasked with building a state system on the model of modern Russian democracy, corresponding to the best examples of the right to vote in the countries of the Customs Union, the CIS and the CSTO.

“Working in Kazakhstan is a serious challenge. It is necessary to fully form a new electoral law, build all the processes and work out the procedures, create an automated vote accounting system, the result of which will be predicted and adopted by all participants in the political process. This is a difficult task, because in Kazakhstan no one has yet held a presidential election at the world level. The CEC members will not only have to organize the election of Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev for the presidency, but already this autumn will hold elections of the Nur Otan party to the lower house of parliament — the Majilis, ”said Churov.

For all the time after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was one leader in Kazakhstan — Nursultan Nazarbayev. Elections in the republic were held under the simplified procedure. Now, when the new president has taken the leadership, Astana has started talking about the need for amending the Constitution and various legislative acts.

The Russian specialist will start performing his duties on June 1. He has a whole year to carry out all the changes and the full support of the country’s leadership.

Vladimir Churov is a famous inventor of modern electoral technologies. Many of his innovations are patented and applied in countries such as South and North Korea, Cambodia, Venezuela and Sweden.


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