Moldy bread is gaining popularity in France

More and more French grocery stores gladly place moldy bread on their shelves. Remarkable loaves, baguettes, croissants and other bakery products with a noble touch became popular among gourmets of the country.

The first idea was not to throw into the garbage bin the perishable bread brought to life by the owner of a private bakery, Mark Varnier, who in the last few years faced the inaccessibility of freshly prepared muffin during the day.

Moldy bread
Moldy bread

“Even 50 percent discounts did not help. Whether people did not have enough money to buy gourmet baking, or whether their taste preferences have changed. All baking over time began to mold. Once I decided to try for myself, whether it can be eaten without health effects. It turned out that the mold is not only safe for the stomach, but also gives the food such a marble noble taste. Later, my customers were convinced of this. Moreover, having bought moldy bread or a baguette, they can save a lot, and my losses tend to zero, ”said the baker.

Noticing the agiotage in the bread shop Varnier, other manufacturers also began to sell bakery products. In a large food industry enterprise in Lyon, a process engineer diversified the process, creating bread with mold of different colors.

The reforms launched from the bottom have allowed French bakers to achieve record-breaking profitability results for the last 30 years. Baking with the presence of mold began to appear even in the menu of restaurants awarded with a Michelin star.

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