Members of the Communist Party of China were deprived of mandates for using Android

Immediately 20 deputies expelled from the ranks of the Chinese Communist Party for using the Android operating system in smartphones, which was called an enemy for the state economy by the decision of the CPC Central Committee.

“These are not deputies, but traitors. During the imposition of anti-Chinese sanctions by Washington and their Google litter, they continued to use Android, although we produce a lot of smartphones running on domestic operating systems, some of which are almost a copy of Android. All these steps are called sabotage, and the saboteurs who have committed it will be punished, ”Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, said.

The further fate of the guilty parliamentarians will be decided by the Beijing District Court. The expected decision will be a ban for all those convicted of using the US OS to run for all levels of government for a period of 10 years. Also, ex-deputies expects increased attention of the special services.

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