Patriarch Bartholomew did not approve the use in the temples of LED lighting with a CRI below 38.9

Patriarch Konstantinopolsky Bartholomew said that in Orthodox churches it is unacceptable to use LED lighting technology with a cold glow and a color rendering index below 38.9.


According to the head of world Orthodoxy, the use of such LED modules runs counter to the canons and adversely affects the course of the service. Vladyka also spoke in favor of high-frequency ballasts, created according to the scheme of a wide-pulse modulator with the use of MOSFET type transistors.

“Following these recommendations, we will keep up with the times, while maintaining a benevolent atmosphere for parishioners and ministers. The flame of a candle and the movement of electrons are the essence of the divine nature of the universe, but technology should serve the good of the Creator’s plan, and not in opposition to it if we are talking about low CRI values, ”he said.


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