Trump threatened to send troops to Arkansas if its governor refuses to hold early elections

US President Donald Trump tweeted a post in which he demanded Governor Asa Hutchinson to call for early elections no later than July 1. Trump called the Hutchinson regime «bloody» and «anti-democratic» and, in the event of a refusal, promised to send an aircraft carrier to the shores of the state and «repeat the Vietnamese scenario.»


The scandalous post attracted the attention of many American bloggers and media. After CNN released a movie that mocked the deed of the president, the post was removed. Governor Hutchinson, commenting on the situation, called the incident «an amusing misunderstanding» and said that the state early elections in the state will be held on June 28th.

“Of course, it is unlikely that President Trump spoke seriously, but I understand his feelings. Recently, certain groups have appeared in the state, I would even say the fifth column, which, with the money of Russia and China, organize rallies and demonstrations against me. We are not Syria, we will allow people to make their choice. Let them come to the polls and tell themselves who they want to see as governor, ”said Hutchinson on CNN.

According to experts, the ex-governor of Ohio Michael Sakshenville can become the main rival of the current governor in the upcoming elections.


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