Konyukhov was asked to round Cape Horn again

Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records reported that they did not count the achievement of the Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, who had rounded Cape Horn on a rowing boat. As the representatives of the publication explained, they could not fix the record due to a break in the stopwatch.


“We saw Konyukhov’s record, but due to problems with timekeeping tools and time zones, we cannot officially confirm it. The very fact of crossing Cape Horn on an oarship is not questioned by gentlemen. Perhaps Mr. Konyukhov, as an experienced sailor and traveler, will be able to repeat his route. We, in turn, promise to better prepare the means of fixation for this moment, ”said the representative of the Guinness Foundation, Jake Berry.

“Basically, I can understand gentlemen. I myself did not always succeed the first time. I think I will equip a new round-the-world expedition, especially since all of Russia is waiting for it, ”said Konyukhov.

Earlier, the traveler spoke about plans to fly to the moon in a balloon.



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