Chubais proposed to limit free school education to three classes

The head of the Rosnano corporation, Anatoly Chubais, suggested that the government consider his proposal to partially curtail free school education.


Speaking at the Russia-2050 conference in Yekaterinburg, Chubais noted that young people in the country now have too many «corrupt» opportunities to study for free.

“Education is also a resource, which means that it should not be free, I mean professional or advanced education. Now we have it as a corrupting Soviet relic left and it gives certain circles some false hopes that the son of a tractor driver or mechanic can grab something from the state for free. Education, apartment, then what? Now, fortunately, it is not the Soviet Union, and you and I are well aware that this, so to speak, is a working unit and the prospect of them is quite definite. And as an option to save — give them three classes, the rest is paid. Taxes are able to count and well. We do not override them in this way — who wants, will spin, rise, I want to say that it is enough to waste government money, ”he said.

The head of Rosnano stressed that Russia must make the final choice on such issues and «stop playing socialism.»


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