Canadian raccoon excreta excluded from the list of sanctions products

On the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the government will exclude from the list of sanctions goods the excreta of the Canadian raccoon, prohibited from being imported into the territory of the Russian Federation since 2014.

Canadian raccoon
Canadian raccoon

The resolution states that the product is vital in the manufacture of a number of domestic medicines, and is also actively used by Russians as a food additive.

“It is very important that we did not make a political decision, but simply helped the business. Canadian raccoon excrement is often used in the confectionery industry, used in the manufacture of snacks and baby food. Russians love to eat these products. Yes, and doctors say that they are very good for health. Any cake, any cake without this food additive loses its taste, ”representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Valeryan Konoplev commented on the situation.

On average, the annual turnover of Canadian raccoon excrement in the world reaches 5.5 billion, which allows the manufacturer to earn up to 18-20 billion dollars.


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