“They confused two Koreas”: in the UN Statistics Department commented on the laudatory report on the DPRK economy

The UN Statistics Directorate acknowledged the fallacy of a positive report on the DPRK economy and the dramatically increased in the country living standards and civil liberties. According to the head of the structural unit, the representative of Venezuela, Gisus Guyado Gonzalez, the mistake was that the report with published data about North Korea contained indicators for South Korea.


Officially, a member of the commission that prepared the document, Australian John Tim, was named as guilty for inadvertent falsification.

“John provided us with a political map of the world, published in Sydney. Its characteristic feature is that the north and south are interchanged. And if we dealt with other states, then in the case of the Koreas there was confusion. To be honest, we ourselves were surprised by the result of the DPRK, which quickly caught up with Australia and Singapore in terms of living standards. On behalf of the UN, we apologize to those who strongly relied on our report on the DPRK and promise not to work with Australian maps anymore, ”Gonzalez concluded.

In August 2018, the UN Statistical Office published a report on disinformation regarding the DPRK. The document debunked the myths about low wages in the country, censorship, shortages of goods and a number of other indicators.

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