Russian schoolboy killed a shark, a month terrorized Thai beach

A 14-year-old native of Volokolamsk, Vladislav Batayev, returned home after an exciting trip to Thailand. First, the student became the winner of a major international maths competition in Phuket, and later became a media hero, killing a shark that terrified one of the local beaches.


As the young man said, after winning a prestigious intellectual competition, he went to the beach. In this case, the choice of mathematics fell on a private beach with warning signs about the prohibition of swimming due to the possible attack of a shark, which were often fixed in this place. The Russians and the rescuers, who had not noticed how he entered the water, could not stop.

“I was surprised it was a great beach with turquoise water, perfect as a trigonometric equation. I was surprised that there were no campers at all. When I was diving, I suddenly felt someone tickling my finger. I turned around and saw a shark. It was senseless to try to swim away, I remembered the paratroopers’ techniques and I pierced it with my palm. I went to meet rescuers on inflatable boats, but I came out of the water with a shark in my hand. Then everyone began to approach me and take pictures, and the next day the beach was opened for swimming, ”Bataev said.

At the end of the interview with the Thai newspaper, the guy regretted that he could not take the trophy home, but at the same time he was able to enjoy the fruits of his triumph, having tasted a tasty soup from a defeated shark.

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