In Severodvinsk, a judge was dismissed, who called the Russian Federation a private firm and acquitted a Russian with “Soviet” rights

In Severodvinsk, the Qualification Collegium of Judges fired the 52-year-old judge Mikhail Glebsky, who earlier acquitted the Russian who drove a car with the “rights of the Soviet Union” issued by private individuals in 2018.

Russian Federation
Russian Federation

By resolution of the commission, a treason case was initiated against the ex-judge in accordance with the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, he was also removed from office. Witnesses of the meeting noted that Glebsky was not personally acquainted with the defendant, however, he called him a “Soviet fellow citizen” and made a decision on the illegitimacy of the actions of the traffic police. The prosecutor who was present at the meeting threatened the judge with responsibility for illegal actions, but he said that he could be judged only by Soviet laws.

“In this court, I actually serve the interests of the private firm“ Russian Federation ”. This is just a commercial structure in the USSR. A private firm has no right to judge me. I can be judged only by the laws of the Soviet Union, whose citizens we are all. I know that the verdict will be challenged, that you will try to dislodge me, but I am doing it now because I learned the truth and want everyone to know, ”Glebsky answered and slammed his hammer.

The investigation will deal with the department for particularly important cases, according to a press release from law enforcement agencies. The verdict on the owner of the “rights of the USSR” has already been challenged by the supervisory authorities.


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