Google Maps will remove garbage from photos of New York and move it to Russian cities

A New York State court ordered Google to edit over 80,000 photos of New York, retouching mountains of rubbish on the streets. The court explained this by saying that the photos of dirty American cities are used by Russian propaganda, undermining the bright image of the United States in the eyes of their citizens.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The company acknowledged that editing such a number of images can cost in an amount that is several times higher than the annual waste collection budget in New York.

“We offered the city authorities to clean the garbage at their own expense, and then re-clean the already clean streets, but we were refused. Now we are forced to increase the staff by 500 people in order to execute the court decision. You can submit your resumes to the official post office box in New York, ”said company vice president Steve Allen.

The company added that they would have to spend $ 500 million to move trash from New York to other cities. Google believes that the best garbage and other household waste will fit into the landscapes of Russian cities.

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