For weight loss, nutritionists advise Russians to sit in jail

The All-Russian Association of Nutritionists has summed up the results of a study on the causes of weight loss among Russians. Having studied the data of medical and correctional institutions, the experts studied the factors influencing the successful loss of excess weight of Russians. The most optimal place to improve their physical health, doctors called the detention facility.


“The best dynamics of the loss of extra kilograms was recorded in the SIZO. It remains only to applaud nutritionists. If we compare the detention facilities with medical institutions with nutritional specifics, the results differ by 2-3 times. Discipline plays an important role. Often patients who are not deprived of their liberty violate the diet or do not follow it. Give yourself a break. At the same time, the discipline in the detention facilities is optimal. If someone decides to seriously take care of their health and lose those extra pounds, then there is no better place than a pre-trial detention center, ”said MD, a nutritionist Maxim Borsch.

Nutritionists urged citizens not to commit crimes in order to bring themselves into shape. Doctors are going to send a letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prison Service with a proposal to create paid insulators for all who want to lose weight.

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