Film Studio Brazzers will shoot a film about Lenin

Studio films for adults Brazzers announced that she would start shooting a full-length film in two parts about Vladimir Lenin.


The director will be Nikki Benz (real name Alla Monchak), a Canadian porn actress and director of Ukrainian origin. The main role — Vladimir Lenin — has already chosen Johnny Sins, known as the «bald Brazzers». The role of Inessa Armand will be performed by the Italian woman Valentina Nappi, known for her communist views and public speaking, and the role of Nadezhda Krupskaya will be played by the American Nina Hartley. All the actors have already begun to learn Russian.

“We wanted to make two years ago, to the centenary of the October Revolution, but the then political hysteria forced us to postpone the filming plans. All Russian-speaking Brazzers users will be provided with free viewing and downloading of this movie, ”Monchak officially stated.

“As a communist, I’m furious that gadish rumors are spreading about Ilyich — he is gay, now a pedophile, now a Satanist, or someone else … In our film Lenin will be shown as a real man in all senses. We will be making a film that is close to reality, and not based on wet fantasies and Netflix drunken nonsense, ”Nappi added.

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