British television will cut out the cartoon «Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena» old woman Shapoklyak

Soyuzmultfilm gave the British TV company Nikelodeon the right to show the cartoon «Cheburashka and the Crocodile Gena» in an abbreviated version, according to the BBC. For censorship reasons, all references to pioneers (banned in the UK organization — ed.), As well as scenes with the participation of the old woman Shapoklyak, in which officials saw a caricature of Prime Minister Teresa May, were cut out from the cartoon.


Negotiations on the rental of a number of masterpieces of Soviet animation in the United Kingdom have been conducted since 2009. Earlier, the British censorship refused permission to hire the cartoons of “The Adventures of Chipollino” (due to its calls for the overthrow of the monarchy), “Well, wait a minute!” (Because of the demonstration of smoking scenes), “Winnie the Pooh and everything all «(at the request of the family of A. Milne) and» Thumbelina «(due to racial discrimination of moles and frogs). Russian multipliers will receive 190 million pounds for the rental of «Cheburashka».

“We are simultaneously admired by the skill of Soviet animators and frightened by the deep and multi-layered propaganda embedded in these cartoons. Cap is a sophisticated lady, constantly cheating on Cheburashka, is undoubtedly a caricature of Prime Minister May, created in advance, many years before she came to politics. Our censors also doubted about scenes with a naked crocodile, however, at the request of LGBT activists, it was considered acceptable for children to display these pictures, ”said UK Deputy Information Minister William O’Brien.

Earlier in the United States, scenes with an airplane carpet were cut out of the cartoon about Aladdin due to the associations with the September 9 attacks.

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